How to run Express.js apps with Netlify Functions

Netlify, September 2018

How to host an Express.js application on Netlify using AWS Lambda functions. Repost of Express.js on Netlify.

Brightspace Data Sets – Factors That Shape Your Data

Brightspace Community, September 2017

Exploring the factors that make each institution's data unique, and how that impacts Brightspace Data Sets.

Brightspace Data Sets - Headless Application Example

Brightspace Community, July 2017 - September 2017

A series of three articles outlining how to programmatically keep a database up-to-date using the CSV files provided by D2L's Brightspace Data Sets.

How To Get Started With OAuth 2.0

Brightspace Community, September 2016

A code walkthrough of a sample application that utilizes the OAuth 2.0 authorization grant flow to access D2L's Brightspace APIs.


Small Commits in Practice: A Hands-on Workshop

D2L InFUSION, November 2018

Two-part workshop on practicing how to make smalller and safer code changes. First half focuses on breaking down a large commit into smaller, safer commits while the latter half focuses on how to approach a problem via small commits.

Building Your First Serverless Framework App

D2L InFUSION, November 2017, November 2018

A hands-on workshop for getting started with the Serverless Framework.

Introducing Three-Legged OAuth

D2L InFUSION, November 2016

An introduction to the OAuth 2.0 authorization code grant for accessing Brightspace APIs.