About Me

I am a software developer, in the sense that I help bring software to life, whether it is through programming, testing, enabling continuous integration and deployment, documentation, or reaching congruence with other team members, teams, and client representatives. I love to make life easier for others by advocating for internal and external customers, supporting the team with the best tools available, and enabling developers of all levels to excel in what they do.

I love to learn, and spend a good portion of my time outside of work learning new concepts and technologies in the field. I also write at blog.neverendingqs.com, and enjoy sleeping, volleyball, and watching e-sports in my spare time.

About neverendingqs​.com

This site is powered by Bootstrap and Jekyll, and is hosted using Netlify. It serves as a means to explore these (and other) technologies, provide information about myself, and showcase a bit of my work.

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About blog​.neverendingqs​.com

I started blog.neverendingqs.com in hopes of encouraging other developers to explore and tinker with different technologies by sharing my own hobbyist development experiences. It is powered by Jekyll and hosted on Netlify.


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