I am a back-end developer who likes to dabble in the front-end. I am fluent in JavaScript, Python, C#, and SQL, and can hold a conversation in HTML, CSS, bash, and PowerShell. I also know Vue.js / Vuex and React / Redux.

I love enabling others to excel in what they do. I provide insight and recommendations to developers and non-developers for multiple projects at D2L, and was an acting team lead during a managerial absence. I enjoy investing in others via informal mentorship and presenting at our yearly internal conference. I also respond to clients online and have represented at D2L's annual client conference.

My head is often in the AWS clouds, creating distributed data and analytics systems using Batch, DynamoDB, EMR, Kinesis, Lambda, RDS, S3, SQS, and SNS, and managing them with the Serverless Framework and CloudFormation, CloudWatch, CodeBuild, and CodePipeline.

Ask me anything at neverendingqs/ask-me-anything!