A simple XKCD comic viewer using React, Redux, react-router, and redux-thunk.

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A popular word guessing game written using React and Redux.

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OAuth2 Client Shell

A client mock where the user provides the information to initiate the OAuth2 authorization flow.

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An open-source Python library. I fell in love with C#'s LINQ / Enumerable a while back, and realized Python could use some love so that it can do something similar. I decided to write my own library, following the likes of C# LINQ / Java streams / Apache Spark's RDD transformations.

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neverendingqs Sandbox

A random assortment of code samples written while learning different concepts in the industry. Includes samples in C#, Node.js, and Java

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How to host an Express.js application on Netlify using AWS Lambda functions. Repost of Express.js on Netlify.

Brightspace Data Sets – Factors That Shape Your Data

Brightspace Community, September 2017

Exploring the factors that make each institution's data unique, and how that impacts Brightspace Data Sets.

Brightspace Data Sets - Headless Application Example

Brightspace Community, July 2017 - September 2017

A series of three articles outlining how to programmatically keep a database up-to-date using the CSV files provided by D2L's Brightspace Data Sets.

How To Get Started With OAuth 2.0

Brightspace Community, September 2016

A code walkthrough of a sample application that utilizes the OAuth 2.0 authorization grant flow to access D2L's Brightspace APIs.