Skills Summary


  • JavaScript · Python · C# · Java · SQL · bash · Powershell
  • Node.js · ASP.NET Web API 2
  • AWS Athena · DynamoDB · EMR · Kinesis · Lambda · RDS · S3 · SQS · SNS
  • Apache Hadoop · HBase · Phoenix · Spark
  • RabbitMQ

Integration / Deployment

  • AWS CloudFormation · CloudWatch · CodeBuild · CodePipeline · Elastic Beanstalk
  • Serverless Framework
  • Netlify · Heroku
  • CircleCI · TravisCI · Jenkins


Data Strategy Team

D2L (Desire2Learn), September 2011 - December 2011, May 2012 - Present
  • Developer and inter-team consultant for multiple products (see below); acting team lead for outsourced team
  • Community representative for OAuth 2.0 and Brightspace Data Sets, contributing articles and to discussion board, and representing at D2L's annual conference
  • Security team liaison; identified and defined company-wide processes and responses to several security issues
  • Regular presenter of yearly internal conference; occasional contributor to internal blog
  • Informal mentor to new graduates; mentored and supervised co-ops, providing regular feedback to promote continuous growth

Brightspace Data Sets

July 2017 - Present

Raw, user-level access to Brightspace data in CSV form, refreshed on a regular cadence. Enables clients to integrate into and identify trends unique to their institution's ecosystem.

  • Define, prioritize, and develop product improvements, including performance improvements based on SQL query plan and log analysis
  • Architect expansion of Brightspace Data Sets to off-stack products and services with other architects
  • Streamline onboarding and monitoring processes with other teams

OAuth 2.0

March 2016 - Present

Third-party integration via D2L's implementation of RFC 6749 (The OAuth 2.0 Authorization Framework).

  • Implemented Client Registration and Authorization Code Grant sections of RFC 6749 with two subject matter experts
  • Corrected implementation of RFC 6749 that prevented a popular Postman authorization feature from working properly
  • Developed and advocated for user experience improvement that allows registered clients to be modified

Brightspace Data Platform

April 2014 - Present

Building D2L's next generation educational analytics platform. Event-driven, lambda-like data-processing architecture backed by multiple types of data stores. Data is exposed via a RESTful API layer.

  • Develop data platform that bridges and sustains over 1000 events per second between publishers and consumers
  • Review and provide consulting on event design from other teams looking to publish to the data platform
  • Improve on and maintain tooling to deploy to production multiple times a day for rapid developer feedback
  • Member of working group for company-wide on-call tool (OpsGenie); implemented integration with data platform
  • 10x reduction in infrastructure costs by migrating legacy 1.0 system to AWS

Brightspace Insights

September 2011 - December 2011, May 2012 - April 2014

Educational analytics as a service. Traditional ETL process, extracting Brightspace data from a transactional database into a reporting warehouse. Data is exposed via a white-labelled third-party BI tool with pre-defined reports and ad-hoc support.

  • Performed exploratory testing with a focus on integration points; analyzed defects and source code to recommend fixes
  • Updated core libraries for security compliance; maintained testing environments


Bachelor of Computer Science

Honours Computer Science, Bioinformatics Option, University of Waterloo

Coursework included:
  • Computer Security and Privacy
  • Database Systems Implementation and Management
  • Computational Techniques in Bioinformatics
  • Philosophy: Central Issues in Metaphysics and Epistemology

Continuing Education